Globot - Chat robot

Could you imagine a robot managing your business?

We have all heard of the Siri and Cortana robots, which are available on the day you use them in your work, and imagine the time, effort and fluidity and high quality in dealing with customers... Globaldinne invented a Robot named Globot.

It's a new tool invented by relying on artificial intelligence in response to the client from the moment he entered on your page in a cowardly manner and discuss with him as a real professional person know all the details of your products and services to deal with the customer on the price, time of implementation, shipping cost and delivery location, it's a perfect customer service and marketing agent.

The most important reasons to rely on Globot in managing your page:

  • Fastest rates of response on the page and raise its evaluation.
  • 24/7 customer services department.
  • No insurance, taxes, transfers, allowances or incentives.
  • Keep your customers' data confidential and the secrets of the prices of your products.
  • Provide accurate statistics and reports on all your sales details, customer data, successful purchases, product reviews and much more.
  • Estimated response to more than one client at a time and never forget a customer.
  • Working under pressure no matter the number of products and services he served
  • Products details linked to its database, so it's real-time updated.
  • Supported a Multilanguage replies
  • He can send special offers to all your clients.

And as many other benefits and features you can imagine ...

Globot - The Natural Evolution of Customer Service Officer

Mr. Globot received the following:

Food & Beverage:
Online Ordering: